Friday, July 11, 2008

Stitching Progress

I have finished stitching the Christmas Chick!

Now for the hard part, finishing him as an ornament!

I have determined that he needs to be finshed as a rectangle. Originally I wanted to turn him into a circle or an oval but that will not work. His little hat throws the dimensions off too much.

Hopefully I can get that done soon. I like to finish an ornament and then put it away until the holidays so it seems fresh.

My next project, (besides my braided rug) will be 'Tis the Gift from La-D-Da.

It is a small design and should stitch up quickly.

I am stitching it on 32 count Lambswool, using Sampler Threads.

I am a little concerned about the Sable (brown). Most of the color is a nice mellow brown, but at the end it goes to a blackish color. I really don't think this looks too good in the border and in the letters. It is just too much of a change in color.

This is the problem I have with the hand-dyed threads. I think they need to be more subtle in the color changes. I was considering ripping it out, but I guess I will let it go and see how it looks.

I have made a small start.


Lee said...

Thanks for your thoughtful comment on my blog. It was so nice of you.

Hey - GREAT projects here! Love the La-D-Da sampler, and I can't wait to see how you'll finish the little birdie.

riona said...

I love the chickadee ... and how appropriate. They are great backyard birds in our neck of the woods. I love to see them at the birdfeeder all winter long.

And thanks for your comment at my blog ... as to LNS's in the Rockland area ... there are none ... The Stitchery in Pearl River is really for hardcore knitters though it does have some needlepoint canvas, DMC and Paternayan yarns and floss as well as a few painted canvases and even fewer cross-stitch charts. As far as I can tell, the nearest is Deer Hill Farms up in Hyde Park ... I've never been in there but have ordered from her over the phone ... a very nice lady who goes the extra mile to get what you need. I also order frequently from The Silver Needle and from 123stitch ... the later is faster than the former, but I like them both and each has things the other does not.

As to your La-D-Da sampler, I rather like the unpredictability of overdyes. For example, I currently have 6 skeins of Maple Syrup [GAST]from three different dye lots in my stash that have remarkable variations ... so much so that they might as well be three different fibers rather than all one ... different dye lots make quite a difference in this case. I don't think the brown is too dark or too great a contrast but if you really dislike it, I'd frog it and replace it with something else before you got too far along in the lettering. I am sure it'll be lovely no matter what you choose to do.

Lelia said...

Wonderful projects! Over dye fibers can be fun to use. If the color is too drastic for your taste, you could edit out the part you don't care for -- or use a strand of dmc with a strand of over dye to tone down the changes. If all else fails, don't stitch the x's one at a time -- do several //// then back with \\\\\ to give an overall color effect.

Good luck.

Stitchingranny said...

Oh I love little chickadee. I know that I will really look forward to getting mine out again at christmas time.

Lisa said...

I am a huge LDD fan, and I love that design! Regarding your concern with overdyes: check this link,

you may be able to stitch it a certain way/direction to achieve the look you want. :-)

The chickadee came out perfectly!