Friday, May 8, 2009

Old Aviary Update

I am still working on Part 2 of The Old Aviary.

It seems like the white work goes more slowly than the sections with color.

This is what I have so far:

Click to enlarge

It is very hard to see any detail on this.

The first few rows are cross stitch, followed by a row of smyrna stitches.

The next section was a nailbiter! That involved cutting seven horizontal threads and unweaving them to the ends. This area took quite a bit of time. Finally, the silk ribbon is woven through. The bow is a little big, but I am not going to cut it until I finish because it keeps coming un-done, and it will need to be tacked down with a stitch.

After that, there is a row of pin-stitch variation, followed by a row of triple cable stitch.

Next comes the diamond eyelet stitch, followed by a row of three-sided stitches over 4 threads.

Then there are two rows of faggot stitch over 2 threads.

Next a horizontal cable stitch over 2 threads between the 2 rows of faggoting.

The next 2 rows are worked in half-diamond stitch over 10 threads.

After that, there is a row of woven stitch over 6 threads.

Next is a diamond eyelet stitch over 8 threads, followed by a diagonal satin stitch row, and a diamond smyrna cross stitch.
Then there was some decorative cross stitch that look like snowflakes, followed by the decorative boxes.

Unfortunately on the second one, I ran out of the #12 silk. This is a thick silk (like DMC perle).

I contacted Hand Dyed Fibers, and they are sending me some more. Hopefully I will get it early next week.

Phew! Believe me, there was a lot of frogging going on here!

This is an enormous project, but I am already looking forward to moving on to the next one! Hopefully it will be something a bit less intense!

It has finally stopped raining here after a whole week! I hope it has stopped anyway! My lawn looks like a jungle!

Hope everyone has a nice weekend out there!