Thursday, February 21, 2013

Harriot's Goofy Deer are finished


This was not without problems however.

Sometime after starting the second deer, I noticed that the dye lot was different. The deer on the right is actually a lot brighter than the one on the left.
I am hoping that it is not too noticeable.

I can't help but think these look like cartoon deer! I don't think they had cartoons back in Harriot's day, but these guys certainly have a Disney-esque quality to them! I think it's the eyes.

One of them turned out to be a bit larger than the other. Not sure how that happened.
Oh well. I am certainly not going to do them over again!

I started working on the flowers. They are also done freestyle. I am not having any easier time with these, but atleast, the vines and leaves aren't quite as obvious when you mess up!

Here is how it looks so far all together

I have a ways to go. I have the center floral motif, and then the left motif to do yet. After that, I will go on to do the grass.

On the home front, things have been a bit gloomy here.

We lost another chicken.

We have had a terrible problem with hawks!
We have had a total of 5 attacks. Three chickens were killed, one managed to get away, and one seems to be traumatized. She will not come out of the shed, and has stopped laying eggs. This last attack was by a pair of giant red-tailed hawks!

Poor Sally! She was such a happy little thing!

I can't think of anything more terrifying than some unknown peril dropping out of the sky to kill you!

We are hoping to get a few more chicks this spring, but they will not be laying eggs for some time.
We are four hens down now, so it has cut into our egg production.

We need some SPRING here, and soon! I normally don't mind the winter, but this year, here in NY, it has just been relentlessly cold and windy! Brrrrr!

Hopefully Spring will not be too far away!

Monday, February 11, 2013

More Harriot and my February TUSAL

I finished the attribution on The Harriot Boardman sampler, and then started the flower pot, which was the last of the cross stitch.
Now to begin the free-style stitch! I started with the deer on the left. First, I outlined the deer shape with a stem stitch which is then covered over with the first band of satin stitching.

I must say this is harder than it looks! Somehow my deer wound up a little further from the border than it should have. Not sure how that happened. I have just started the second band on the bottom. It is hard to plan for how much space it will take up. What you see here is the result of 4 evenings work.

It is very slow-going.
I am just hoping it turns out ok. It is very hard to maintain consistency.

Here is the whole thing:

 I am a little anxious to see how it turns out.
I guess I need to engage my inner child, that kid who scribbled with abandon, but who always had to have the right color ! LOL!

Here is my February TUSAL, (hosted by Sharon @ It's  Daffycat ).

You can see all the gold threads from the deer in Harrriot.

Back soon!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Update on Harriot

Hi everyone!

I meant to give this update last week. Not sure why I didn't send it.

Since last time, I completed the alphabet in the eyelet stitch.
Next came the gold dividing band.
The next alphabet was done in a satin stitch.

Then came the strawberry vine. This was done in cross stitch first and then returning to complete the little leaves in a freehand style satin stitch. I must say I found it difficult to keep the leaves consistent. I hope they came out all right. It was a persnickety kind of thing!

Then it was on the the attribution, which is being stitched in a rust color. I am almost finished with it. I just need to complete the date.

Next will be to complete the right hand border and do the freehand scene on the bottom. That should take a while!
Here it is so far:

On the home front, let me introduce you to the newest member of our family.

Meet Walter:

Walter at 2 months
Walter is a 10-week old Buff Orpington cockerel.
He is actually a lot bigger now. This photo was taken almost 2 weeks ago.
We got him in the hopes that he would protect our flock from hawks. We picked out a Buff Orpington because they are know for having gentle, sweet, and calm personality.

Unfortunately Walter might just be a little too sweet. He is terrified of the hens!
Poor little guy! He has bonded with us, and tries to hide behind us so the other chickens won't see him. (LOL)!
I hope he gets a little more courageous as he gets older!

Back soon with more progress.