Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Real Rookie Mistake!!

I really thought I was making good progress, but in the back of my mind, I think something was bugging me! It turns out that the symbols for yellow and gray are soooo very similar! Yes. You guessed it! Everywhere I have stitched in yellow should have been gray! The letters, the dividing bands, and worst of all, the vines running along the borders! It turns out that the only place yellow is used in on the house!

I usually go a bit more by the picture, but in this case, the picture that is included, is so tiny it is practically useless!

If it were not a historic sampler I might be tempted to leave it the way it is, but I know that it would just bug me!
It isn't the re-stitching that I mind so much, but oooh that frogging!


I just hate it when I do dumb things!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Pats Everybody!

and what better day to show this finish?

Nil aon tintean mar do thintean fein translates to "No hearth like your own hearth", or "Home Sweet Home".

Stitched from a freebie found at

I stitched it on 32ct Natural Irish linen with 4 skeins of DMC 935 (dark green). Hope to find a frame for it soon.

What I wanted to stitch next was Ann Grant because I love all the pinks in it! I just couldn't justify spending the $25 though when I have quite a few projects waiting for me in my stash. So, I picked The Margaret Ledden Sampler. This is one that I have had for ages! From The Scarlet Letter in 1986, I don't even think it is still in print.

This is what I have so far:

Do you ever have times when you are just too tired or wiped out to stitch, but still want to work on something?

When I am just too brain dead to work on anything complicated, I pull out one of my easy peasy little ones. I picked this one up at an estate sale.

Now, I do not have any children, so this might seem like a strange choice, but there is something very endearing about these old pieces. I think many of them deserve a second look. I have also found that they look very nice framed with a colorful mat, something I don't usually do with the traditional samplers.

Here's what I've got so far:

It is very, very weird stitching with 6 strands of floss!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Friday, March 4, 2011


Looks like Christmas!

I have all that red from Celebrate your Heart, and the green is from my current project Nil aon tintean mar do thintean fein.

Sorry for all the wrinkles!

The letters on this one are easy enough, but oh boy, you have to be careful with those interlocking knots!

Hopefully, this will be finished soon. I am thinking about my next project. I have a few ideas, but nothing is screaming at me just yet.

The days are starting to look much nicer, more daylight, but it is still mighty cold out there! We still have a lot of snow and ice that has not melted.

The bees have shown a few signs of life. They have done some hive cleaning (when they remove the dead bees), but they are still not active yet. There is suddenly a renewed interest in our honey, (probably because it is easier for people to navigate our driveway now LOL)! We have about two dozen bears left from the fall harvest now, but they will be gone soon. Just as soon as the weather is warm enough for the honey to flow, we will start harvesting the spring honey.