Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Knox Family Sampler is finished!

At long last, the endless sampler is finally finished! Yay!

Here she is:

The Knox Family Sampler - The Scarlet Letter - DMC on 36ct linen

Here is an additional view:

It is hard to see the detail in these photos. There is a variety of stitches used here, long-legged cross stitch, backstitch, zig-zags, and wheatear stitch. The grass is done in a satin stitch. The lettering at the bottom, similar to the top, is stitched one-over-one. My favorite part is the illuminated letters.

The chart states that it is an "ambitious sampler". I would definitely agree with that! I am very glad that it is finally finished!

I wasn't sure what I wanted to work on next, but I needed a little change of pace. I always love the colors of my favorite season, so I decided on Autumn Harvest, a Chessie & Me design from Linda Lautenschlager. I have had this in my stash for ages,

I love that her designs always have a cat in them! The chart called for it to be stitched with one thread, but I decided to make it bolder, and use two over two. I am stitching it on 32ct linen, using Sampler Threads and DMC.

This is what I have so far:

This one should be finished in a much shorter time!

Enjoy the lovely autumn, or the lovely spring if you are down under!