Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Illuminated House Blessing is Finished!

I had a lot of trouble with the lower border. I made a counting mistake early on, on the left side. I did finally find it, but correcting it would have meant taking out several rows and undoing the left border, so I decided to work with it.

This strategy was going ok until I reached the lower right-hand corner, when it all caught up to me. I had to improvise, which meant a good bit of frogging until I got it to work!

I signed it, washed, and dried it. Now I just have to find a frame for it.

I was going to start a new project, but the timing isn't right. I have to go back to The Red Thread again. Another little box is due! August is Ocean Voyage. It is a small design and should work up quickly.


Nicola said...

Fantastic finish Erica, well done!

Lisa said...

Erica, congrats! I'm glad you worked out the early counting mistake and decided to work with it. Some pieces are like that, lol. It's a beautiful piece!

Kathy said...

Great finish. Nice that you can improvise and make it work. Some people have trouble doing that. This makes the piece truely yours.