Monday, July 7, 2008

Crummy Weather!

The weather for the long holiday weekend was absolutely dreary!
I heard some fireworks going off Friday night, so I guess they managed to get some in between the showers. All the daytime activities were cancelled however. There were no yard sales, antique fairs, etc.

It turned into one of those "I don't know. What do you want to do?" weekends that no one enjoys!
I did get quite a lot of stitching done in the evenings however.

I finished up Ocean Voyage on The Red Thread. I think that is the oddest looking seagull I have ever seen!
The count was off by a bit. I know there is a mistake in there somewhere, but I couldn't find it.

The next in the series is County Fair.

With that finished, I wanted to sneak in a Christmas ornament before I started anything else.

Earlier, I fell in love with Valerie Pfeiffer's Christmas Chick when I saw it on Helen's blog.

I have made some good progress on it, but there are quite a few partial stitches and outlining that will take some time. It will be several more evenings until it is finished.

I am stitching it on 27 ct Danish linen, using DMC.

I am not sure yet how I will finish it. I have some red velveteen for the backing, and some velveteen piping for the edge, but I am still trying to decide on the shape.


Stitchingranny said...

I just love your little red thread stitches - how many will there be altogether? do you know?

Oh chicki is so sweet I would love to keep mine out all year but he is up the loft now until christmas.

Lelia said...

I think I forgot to mention in my previous comment ... this is totally cute ... cute ... cute!!!

Lisa said...

Ocean voyage looks great. LOL@ the oddest looking seagul you've ever seen. I find humor in the strangest things. Oh, that lil' chickadee design is adorable! I have always wanted to stitch one.

Lisa said...

I have always loved these chicks, there is a golfer, a fisherman, etc...I especially love the whole line of them on a branch. *note to self--buy one and stitch it before you die, lol. LOL @ that seagull...but your stitching looks great :-)