Thursday, July 24, 2008

Laser Surgery for Farsightedness

I have been struggling with glasses now for well over a decade, but now things are really getting serious because it is interfering with my stitching!

I have to use high magnification reading glasses as well as my magnifier just to see, and then it is still difficult at night.

Yesterday I decided to look into the laser surgery option. I don't know whether it would be LASIK, LASEK, PKR, or what. He did rule out CK, saying the farsightedness was too pronounced.

It turns out that I am a candidate, but I gather the procedure is more complicated than the one for nearsightedness, and the results although very promising are not quite as certain.
I am convinced of the doctor's qualifications, however this still seems daunting!

Has anyone out there had any experience with laser surgery for vision correction?


Deirdre said...

Hi! My DH had laser surgery in December for his sight. It is the first time in over 25 years he has not had to wear glasses. He has had some dry eye issues, but overall he thinks it was the greatest gift to himself. I have asked him before if he would do it again and he has said a resounding yes. He did go to see several doctors before he chose the surgeon he did.

Lee said...

Hi Erica,

I had Lasik surgery 3 years ago to correct nearsightedness and lots of astigmatism. So my correction was different than yours, and I can't really speak to it.

BUT, one piece of advice my doc gave me was to be sure to go to a LASIK surgeon who had performed many many eye surgeries. Even though they are guided by computers, experience is a major factor in the success rate of the eye surgeon.

And good luck!

Anonymous said...

In the not too distant past, most doctors felt that LASIK surgery was not an appropriate treatment for farsightedness. The problem was that if the surgery corrected focusing for close up objects, distance focusing was sacrificed. But new methods have been developed that make this way of thinking obsolete.

Unknown said...

Hi....I personally don't have any experience with Lasik surgery but have heard a lot about getting Lasik for farsightedness.If you are considering Lasik then do consult experts only before taking any decision. All the best.