Tuesday, May 21, 2024

I'm making very, very slow progress!

I think I have frogged as much as I have stitched on this project!
This has to be the slowest I have ever stitched.

I had been waiting to have more progress before I posted, but I realized that it had been a long while since my last post, so here it is:

progress on Painted Flowers, using DMC on 20ct Black Aida

Painfully slow going! I have been looking forward to starting my next project, but I'm afraid if I don't finish this one now, it won't ever get done.
This is one of those stitches that needs to be done vertically rather than horizontally. There is a lot of counting, and a lot of color changes with similar colors!

It is a very pretty design, but if you ever decide to stitch it, I strongly suggest that unless you have very good eyesight, to stitch it on a larger count fabric. 20ct aida or 40ct black linen is just too tough for me, anyway. 14 count aida or 28ct linen would be better, even though the design would be bigger.
Hope to be back soon with more progress!