Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This is the Day - 1st Finish of 2011

Yay! Finally a finish! I thought it would happen in January, but it just wasn't to be. I was stuck filling in that box with the numbers forever!

I decided to order another skein of Conch after all, so now the bottom box matches the top.

Unfortunately this is a terrible picture, but here it is:

It looks a bit more gold in person than it does here. The picture is out of focus. I couldn't straighten it out no matter what I did!
I haven't found a frame yet. I may actually have to buy one for this one.

We are being crushed by all this snow and ice. I am worried about my porch roof. It is flat, and at the moment it is supporting a lot of weight with all this snow!

I didn't shovel yesterday, so now all the snow that fell yesterday is encrusted with a thick layer of ice. UGH! My muscles hurt already!

We always try to feed the birds in this sort of weather. Here is a picture that was taken last weekend before the recent snow. Just look at what showed up at the feeder!

You can't tell so much from the photo, but this thing is HUGE! I actually saw the shadow of his flapping wings, before I saw him. He was not interested in the birdseed. He was interested in the things eating the birdseed! When we went out later, we found the blood. He ate someone!


Margaret said...

Congratulations on the finish! Yes, we have a flat roof too. I made my hubby shovel it off before this storm. We've gotten snow and then ice as well. It's awful. Hope you're doing ok!

Melissa said...

Ugh - the bird thing I mean. Such is nature I suppose. The birds of prey are so majestic and that picture is great!

This is the Day! Congratulations on the beautiful finish! I will look forward to seeing how you will frame it!

I've heard about and seen on the news all the snow back east! Take care!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your finish, This is the Day looks beautiful. Take care in all that snow.

Mary said...

Congratulations on the finish. I think it turned out just lovely. Can't believe how fast you stitched it! This one would have taken me forever and a day.

That is one big bird!

Stay warm and be safe in all the snow.

DonnaSews said...

This is a beautiful finish. I love how it came out. Great job!!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous warm colours - well done on a beautiful finish