Friday, February 18, 2011

Finally some progress on Celebrate your Heart!

I got bogged down on the three tulips on the left side of the heart. Some of the letters and motifs are spaced only one thread apart, so it is critical to be accurate. It wasn't until I finished all three flowers, that I realized that I was off. Frogging on this piece is bloody murder! The linen gets very distorted, and unfortunately that area is not as crisp as I would like

Since I got it straightened out, things have been moving along better, although I have to be very careful, and take it much more slowly than I usually stitch.

This is where I am:

The photo came out a little dark. The red is more of a cherry red than a wine.

I am working on the cherub (just left of the girl) now. After that I will finish her dress. I am not looking forward to the dress. That is where I first went wrong. The smaller motifs are much easier to stitch. The larger areas are harder on the eyes.

Thanks for all of your comments! I really appreciate them!

Margaret: Yes, I am doing a full cross stitch. Probably need my head examined! The directions said that it could be stitched with a half cross, but that it was designed for a full cross stitch.

Dani: Yes I do have the frame, which is the only reason I stitched it 1 over 1, because the frame is tiny. Personally I think the design would be better 1 over 2, either framed, or made into a little pillow.

Obviously, I did not finish this for Valentine's Day, but I am hoping to put it behind me as soon as possible. I am looking forward to giving my eyes a rest!


Margaret said...

Ouch on the frogging! I hear you -- frogging over one stuff is so hard! It looks great though. Can't tell the linen has been frogged at all.

Brigitte said...

Wow, all of this project over one. You're a brave stitcher. And I know how hard it is to frog over one stitches. But you seem to have stitched half of it already.

Anonymous said...

The stitches are so tiny, they almost make my eyes hurt lol. You're doing a great job and I hope you get to the end with no more frogging!

Mary said...

It's really looking great and you are nearing the end.