Thursday, May 22, 2008

Braided Rug Update

Well, the rug is coming along, slowly, but coming! (I get lots of help from Furrytail)!

I really need to have it finished by the fall.

I have just completed the 32nd row. I still haven't figured out exactly how many rows there will be. There is a lot of variation in the wool strips, making it hard to get an accurate measurement until I get a little closer to the end.

It needs to be about 7-1/2 feet by 12 feet, a really odd size. I will need to figure out the total number of rows before too long because I want to end it with a dark border.

I wanted a traditional look, but with contemporary colors. I chose camel for the predominant color which runs all the way through it.

I have the rows grouped together as light, medium and dark. I started out with 2 rows to a group, but have made the change to 3 rows now.

Also, every third row, or at least once within the color group, I add a bright color. I have light blue, red, green, teal, yellow and light green so far. I was very nervous about this at first. It is truly a leap of faith when you are adding these bright colors because it looks somewhat shocking at the time. When the following row is added however, it all seems to blend well.

The rug no longer fits on the dining room table. It hangs over the edges a little. I have placed old tablecloths underneath it to make it easier to slide it around. I don't know how much longer I will be able to do that. At some point the weight of it will pull it off the table as I am working on the other side. Then, I guess I will have to put it on the floor to work on it. I am not looking forward to that!

Furrytail has claimed it as his!


Lisa said...

Is this your first braided rug project? Very nice!

Erica said...

This is my first large rug project. I have made several small braided rugs, some hooked rugs, and a medium sized toothbrush rug but nothing this size before. Sometimes I think I need to have my head examined to have started it! I am just hoping for a happy ending!

Teri said...

Wow! I've always been interested in how these rugs are made. This looks like a BIG project. What's a "toothbrush" rug?