Saturday, December 1, 2012

Seek Joy in All Things (with Chainsaw Stuffing)!

I am slowly finishing up some of the smaller projects I started.

One of them is Seek Joy in All Things, from Stacy Nash Primitives.

I absolutely loved stitching this!

It is stitched on 28ct Flax linen, using DMC.

I backed it with a rustic plaid.

For the stuffing, I wanted a primitive type, natural stuffing. I had thought of walnut shells, but I was inspired by my own back yard!

We had a huge 200 year-old Silver Maple come down during Sandy. It was quite a job to cut it up into somewhat manageable pieces. This was what was left after the sawing:

Lots of curly-que wood shavings! 

I thought it would be a great way to memorialize the tree!

It worked out pretty well. It is a nice scrunchy, lumpy stuffing, just perfect for a prim pillow.
This is how it looks finished:

I think it fits in well with the natural Holiday decorations.

It seemed a good way to truly "seek Joy in all things". Just my little way of taking something back after the storm!


Siobhán said...

I love how you snubbed your nose up at Sandy. ;) Great finish! That's so neat that you were able to seek joy in all things by using the shavings from the tree.

Mary said...

How unique! I just love the finish and it looks so pretty and prim in your bowl!! Well done!

Giovanna said...

What a great way to honor your tree - gorgeus pillow, and I love the attitude :-)

Susan said...

Great finish and I love the stuffing idea!

Sharon said...

Gorgeous finish!

Margaret said...

It's beautiful! Using the wood shavings is a great idea!

Barb said...

I think your finish is lovely. Plus I love the sentiment that it expresses. It's just perfect for Christmas.

Nicola said...

What a brilliant idea, good for you.

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

i love it - from pattern to finishing - great job.

Karoline said...

It's gorgeous, I like what you've done with the stuffing

Gray Bonnet said...

This was a fantastic idea, and it turned out beautifully!

Julie said...

A lovely idea to use the wood shavings, it's a great finish.