Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hen Ornament for 2012

Since this seemed to have been the year of the chicken, it seemed only fitting that we needed a chicken ornament!

The backing is a simple Christmas print.

This came from an old Prairie Schooler booklet.

Holiday Homestead - Prairie Schooler - Book 14

I changed the color from white to black to look like my Black Australorps. It didn't seem terribly Christmasy to me so I added some blending filament to the colors for a bit of sparkle.

We had a quiet Thanksgiving weekend, and spent some time trying to clean up after Sandy.
Keith worked on re-building the chicken run that was completely destroyed. This was very annoying because we had only finished building it last summer.

It will take us quite a while to deal with all these trees. Some of them may stay there for quite a while I'm afraid!

I also made a start on Freelove Hazard, even though I wasn't going to work on it until after the holidays. I just couldn't resist it! I will be back soon with some pictures.


Giovanna said...

What a lovely ornament, well done. All the best with the rebuilding/clearing up.

Mary said...

Great little ornament! So cute! Thinking of you as you get back to normal.

Nicola said...

Freelove is irresistible. I want to start too but still waiting on my fabric. Looking forward to seeing some photos.

Your chicken has attitude, brilliant.

Margaret said...

The chicken ornament is adorable! We are still working on the clean up after Sandy as well. Slowly but surely.

Gray Bonnet said...

So sorry your chicken run was destroyed:(. I hope the rebuilding goes quickly and smoothly!

I love the chicken ornament!

Siobhán said...

Lovely ornament! Best of luck with the rebuilding after Sandy. :(