Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sarah's house is finished!

I also finished the floral motif in the left-hand corner. ( I am  not sure what that little basket looking thing is).
I still have a few more flowers to do, and then it will be on to stitch the giant chickens!

Speaking of giant chickens, I took a few pictures of my own giant chickens.




Andy (Formerly known as Annie)


Ollie cannot figure out why these birds rate their own house! He has discovered though, that the chipmunks run in there to steal their feed.
Ollie in the hen house
Hope you enjoy my silly pictures!


Margaret said...

Nice!!! Did I miss something? What is this piece you're stitching??? I really like it so far! Love your huge chickens too. lol! They're all so pretty and colorful!

Melissa said...

Love the picture of your "girls". They must be a hoot. Is Ollie guarding the hen house? ;-)

Your stitching looks lovely!

Barb said...

The house looks great. I am partial to red houses! Your chickens are so colorful!

Brigitte said...

Great sampler you are stitching here. And all these big chickens, will they recognize their buddies when you will have stitched them on the sampler? Lol.