Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Glasgow Poster

After finishing one project, I always try to make the next one something completely different.

Without any doubt, my favorite design period is the Arts and Crafts era (the last few years of the 19th century and the first few years of the 20th century). This movement was taking place in Britain and America simultaneously.

The Royal School of Needlework was founded in 1872 to train young gentlewomen in the art of embroidery and to raise the standard of design. I have a great book, simply titled An Embroidery Book, written by Anne Knox Arthur of The Glasgow School of Art, in 1931.


This is a wonderful book, written by a a remarkable woman. There are thirteen chapters on different methods of embroidery, as well as a wonderful forward by Ann Macbeth. I would heartily recommend this book if you can get your hands on it. It is an inspiration!

Poster, from Charlotte's Web Needlework, is based on a design by Charles Rennie Mackintosh.


I have had this in my stash for some time now.

I have made a small start on this. You can just barely see the outline of her hand, and part of her dress.



Ranae said...

How interesting!
It's always refreshing to see something new stitched, that nobody else has started.

riona said...

That is unusual ... I love Art Nouveau ... it reminds me of a Beardsley print ... I look forward to seeing your progress.

Kathy said...

That book sounds like it would be very intersting. Going to have to see if I can find it somewhere.

Stitchingranny said...

My mum is mad on art nouveau and as my dad came from Glasgow she would love this. I will have to see if I can find that book and stitch it for her.