Monday, February 4, 2013

Update on Harriot

Hi everyone!

I meant to give this update last week. Not sure why I didn't send it.

Since last time, I completed the alphabet in the eyelet stitch.
Next came the gold dividing band.
The next alphabet was done in a satin stitch.

Then came the strawberry vine. This was done in cross stitch first and then returning to complete the little leaves in a freehand style satin stitch. I must say I found it difficult to keep the leaves consistent. I hope they came out all right. It was a persnickety kind of thing!

Then it was on the the attribution, which is being stitched in a rust color. I am almost finished with it. I just need to complete the date.

Next will be to complete the right hand border and do the freehand scene on the bottom. That should take a while!
Here it is so far:

On the home front, let me introduce you to the newest member of our family.

Meet Walter:

Walter at 2 months
Walter is a 10-week old Buff Orpington cockerel.
He is actually a lot bigger now. This photo was taken almost 2 weeks ago.
We got him in the hopes that he would protect our flock from hawks. We picked out a Buff Orpington because they are know for having gentle, sweet, and calm personality.

Unfortunately Walter might just be a little too sweet. He is terrified of the hens!
Poor little guy! He has bonded with us, and tries to hide behind us so the other chickens won't see him. (LOL)!
I hope he gets a little more courageous as he gets older!

Back soon with more progress.


Mary said...

The sampler is looking wonderful and so different from the usual stitching on cream colored linen!

Walter is so cute and hopefully he will man-up as he gets older! LOL

Margaret said...

I love your Harriot! I probably missed it -- what linen are you using? Colors are wonderful! lol about poor Walter! I hope he becomes braver as time goes by. He's cute! Hope he helps with the hawk problem.

Nicola said...

Hello Walter, you are meant to rule the roost.

Harriot is stunning, the colours of the threaf the linen is WOW, WOW, WOW

Susan said...

Harriot is beautiful. Welcome Walter. I always snicker when I hear that breed name as it was featured in a Loony Tunes cartoon years ago featuring Daffy Duck.

cucki said...

the sampler is looking so lovely..
harriot is so beautiful x

Julie said...

Such a beautiful sampler and such a variety of lovely stitches in there too.

Walter looks a very cool chap in his pic!

Giovanna said...

The sampler is coming along beautifully - such a lovely linen too.

Ranae said...

Love that linen, it's going to gorgeous
Walter is sure handsome

Lois said...

What a gorgeous WIP! The colours just pop off the linen. I hope Walter starts to feel a little bit braver soon!!! He is one handsome guy!

Emma/Itzy said...

Oh poor Walter! lol

Brigitte said...

Wow, your new sampler project is coming along great! There a quite some specialty stitches, aren't there. The letters look wonderful on the dark fabric.