Wednesday, April 25, 2012

TUSAL, L'Automne and BLOGGER problems galore!

I know I am late with my TUSAL, but it has been total chaos around here! (More about that later).
Here it is:

All of the threads come from L'Autumne. I am just about 50% done with it.

Please ignore the purple thread across her sweater. Don't know how that got there!
This one is taking much longer than I thought it would, and I have to admit that I am starting to lose interest. I hope I can manage to keep going to the finish.
That sweater of hers, with its knit pattern nearly drove me insane!

I would have posted a few days ago but I am having so many problems with Blogger! I have been close to tears trying to get this published! I just hate their new interface. I thought I had it figured out, but once again, all my settings were changed. I can no longer use my regular browser. I have to go on using Google Chrome! 
I am no longer a Google fan!

So much has been going one here. Much to tell, but I will have to come back later.
Here's hoping this publishes!


Margaret said...

Your L'Automne is gorgeous! Beautiful! Bummer about your Blogger problems. I always use Google Chrome anyway -- I wonder if that's why I've only had a problem with blogger maybe once. Knock on wood I won't run into any problems having said that. lol!

Anne said...

Lovely L'Automne! It's so unique!! Great tusal jar too!! Sorry to hear about your blogger/chrome issues. I installed Chrome back when I couldn't comment on blogs that used "embedded comments" and only use it for those blogs. I find Chrome really slow for my computer (firefox is way faster and easier for me to follow) and it always tells me that I didn't properly log out of strange. I've been thinking about switching over to the new interface, but I don't think I will if I have to use Chrome. Luckily you can change it back! Under settings, I think there is an option to revert back to the old interface. Hopefully that will help you!

Rhona said...

The new blogger is a bit of a pain...hopefully we'll get used to it soon!

Susan said...

Great progress on L'Automne! Don't quit! Maybe a small break but don't quit. Sorry to hear about the problems you had with blogger. Someone mentioned that they reset theirs to the old version but unfortunately I can't remember who or how.

Karoline said...

L'Automne is looking lovely, great progress