Friday, March 2, 2012

Tulip Patch is finished!

I should have posted this last week, but here it is:

I wanted to keep the Arts & Crafts style with the signature, so I used a Roycroft font for the initials.It was stitched on 40ct Ivory linen using Needlepoint Silks.
Now I will have to find a frame for it!

After that, I started L'Automne.
I have wanted to stitch this for a long time but have been put off by the huge size of it! As published, I would never be able to find wall space for it. I decided to stitch it one over one on 28 count, in Flax.
Even with that, it is pretty big. I am using 2 threads, making the stitch pop a bit, to give it a 3-d effect.

I have been a little surprised at the colors. I decided to use DMC, and it is coming out nothing like the picture! I knew it would be a bit different, but this is really quite a bit different. The colors are not so fall-like as in the picture. I am not sure how I like this just yet. I am reserving judgement for the moment.

I was unfortunately visited by the frogs! I think I have spent as much time frogging as I have stitching! LOL. This is what I have so far:

That hair! It is much redder in the picture. Here, it is flaming orange!

I cannot believe that it is March! I do love my calendar picture though. We have been getting this calendar every year from Wolf Creek in West Virginia, for years.

I just love the sheep!
March is going to be a difficult month for me. Besides being my birthday month (who wants to face that), I will be having some medical tests. This sort of thing should get easier as you get older, but I find that I have become very distrustful of the whole medical industry! I face them with great trepidation! We are still awaiting the results of our insurance appeal from my surgery last summer. I do not have high hopes for a good outcome. UGGH!

I will have to do a lot of stitching to counteract the stress!


Patty C. said...

Tulip patch is gorgeous -i have never seen that pattern-you did a wonderful job!

Margaret said...

Good luck with your medical tests. I hear you on not trusting the medical industry anymore. It's sad but true. Looove your Tulip Patch finish! What a brilliant idea to use lettering from Roycroft!!!! OMG, it's wonderful! And it certainly is interesting how different the colors are in L'Automne. I hope they grow on you.

Susan said...

Perfect lettering for the Tulip Patch. Best of luck with the tests. Hmmmm, that *is* definitely orange hair.

Teri said...

Love the way The Tulip Patch turned out! Have you been to the Roycroft campus? If not, you would love it! I also love the calendar - had to check out the site and see where in WV they were located. Good for you on the BOAF start; that should really look nice over one. Wishing you a healthy birthday!

Lois said...

Love your Tulip Patch finish and your adaptation of the letters. Hope the colours for the BOAF grow on you and the frog stays away. Also, hope all goes well with your medical tests.

Anonymous said...


Your finish is beautiful.

Lana said...

Lovely finish and great new start!! Happy Birthday, and I will keep you in thoughts concerning your medical procedures...::hugs::

doris said...

I love that tulip finish, and your initials are perfect with it.

Good luck with the tests ... never a fun time.