Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Progress on "the girl with the orange hair" and a new start

Progress comes slowly when you are stitching one over one, but here she is:

Those viney bits take forever!

I decided to take a short break from her to stitch Easter Parade from Blackberry Designs.

I love this design! It reminds me of an old time post card.
I am stitching it on 32 count linen on Water Lily. Sometimes green can be an iffy choice, but in this case I think it works. It is a very pale green, and looks like spring. I am using the suggested G.A. Sampler Threads. I am still waiting for some threads to arrive, but this is what I have so far:

Really hard to tell the color from this, but I hope it will work. It's nice to use up a piece of linen from my stash for a change!

BTW - Blogger is absolutely giving me fits! It has changed all my settings. For some reason it will no longer use my normal browsers. The only way I could post this was through Google Chrome, and I do not have the ability to change anything. Something is really wrong here with Google! GOOGLE are you listening? I HATE THIS !


Margaret said...

Oh dear on blogger! I agree that Blogger has issues at times. Very frustrating. I love your progress on L'Automne! The viney bits would drive me absolutely batty. lol! And your Easter Parade looks great! Love the fabric!

Tracey said...

I LOVE your Easter Parade... the pale green fabric is perfect for it. I had forgotten that I have this pattern in my STASH until I saw yours. I'll get around to stitching it... someday :^)

Susan said...

Nice progress - I hadn't realized you were doing it over one! I really do like the Easter Parade pattern - I saw one finished recently and it really called to me. Now I've seen two, it must be a sign that I should buy!