Friday, December 30, 2011

Last post of 2011

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

I got some wonderful goodies!

My husband got me this bamboo floss chest from DMC!

The chest is surprisingly heavy, and just a bit hard to move, so I have it still sitting in the plastic until I can find a good place for it. Of course it is already jam-packed with my floss and many duplicates! I also got Country Life from the Scarlet Letter. This definitely goes on my 'to do" list!

Meanwhile of course, I am still stuck in the middle of the green sea!

Doesn't seem like I have made much progress from the last post. This green stripey fill-in just takes forever!

Here is the whole thing: When I finish filling in the last bit around the tree, I will be able to start the last page, and more green sea of course!

Considering that I have been working on ATS since July, I could have had a couple more 2011 finishes, but this will be a big one for 2012 when it is done.

This year went very quickly!

Here are my 2011 finishes :

I think my favorite was This is the Day from Hands to Work.

I don't typically make many resolutions, but here are a few:

  • to frame more of my finishes (I didn't get one thing framed this year)!

  • to finish my ornaments

  • to knit a sweater - (I haven't knitted anything in decades)!

  • to find a picture or icon of some sort to replace that ridiculous google "head" as my profile

  • and of course "to get into shape" LOL Yeah right!



Margaret said...

Oh your ATS!!! It's going to be so worth it when you finish all that grass. It's just wonderful! Thanks for the pic -- I so needed the inspiration! I just picked my ATS back up again and finally finished the cloud, but needed inspiration so much. Gorgeous! Love seeing your other finishes as well! And nice xmas presents! Wow! Happy New Year!

Shelleen said...

Your floss chest is gorgeous! Great progress pics,

Siobhán said...

Oh wow, what a gorgeous floss chest! Lucky you. ATS looks like it's coming on great!

Happy new year!

Brigitte said...

Oh Erica, ATS is absolutely gorgeous and I so envy you for having stitched so much on it already. What a fantastic piece.
This chest looks beautiful.