Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Country Garden part 3 is completed!

I meant to post this last week when I finished it, but here it is:

I know. It looks just like the last panel!

This is the outer panel on the left side, so now I have the center panel and the left side of the quilt finished. Of course I still have to stitch them together and stitch the motifs where they are joined.
3 panels finished, 2 to go!

I was very anxious to finish up this last panel because I have decided to take a little break from Country Garden, It has gotten pretty monotonous, and I need a change.

It has been bothering me that I left Love is Enough unfinished, so I think I will try to finish that one up. The reason I left it, is that it is pretty difficult and takes a lot of concentration.

Thanks to everyone who commented on the kitties! Willie is recovering nicely from his operation, although we are still having problems adjusting his insulin dose.

Max has been holding his own, and has not had another attack, seizure? whatever, but he is still not gaining any weight. The vet wants to see a little weight gain when he goes back next week. He remains very weak. I don't know why, but no one seems to be able to diagnose what is wrong with him. This all started over 6 years ago, although clearly he has gotten much worse lately.

I will post again with a picture of Love is Enough shortly.

Happy Spring everyone!


Margaret said...

That is going to be one spectacular quilt!

staci said...

Wow! That is amazingly, stunningly gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing quilt! Congrats on finishing part 3.

Hopblogger said...

That looks gorgeous! And an awful amount of work but look what you have accomplished. I am just saying IF - if you do not want to finish it - then it would make beautiful valances to a window or since you have 3 parts finished - it would be great as valances if you had a 4 poster bed.
Gorgeous, just gorgeous!