Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Few More Lines on The Old Aviary

I have finished the next two lines here.

The first was the lower case alphabet done in cross stitch.

The next is the vine with the flowers.

The green vine is all in cross stitch. The flower petals are made up of 12 very tiny satin stitches (over 2) in a very pale orchid color. The center of the flower is done with a Smyrna stitch (over 2) in ivory.

The flowers are very pale and delicate and somewhat hard to see in the photograph.

(click to enlarge)

Tonight I will start on the upper case alphabet.

I am making very slow progress on the rug. I have finally gotten my hands on some more camel colored wool, so I am able to go forward. Still working on row 54. I will post a picture when I have completed the row.

Thanks for all your comments. I so look forward to reading them! I also love reading your blogs!


Brigitte said...

Nice progress picture.

Siobhán said...

Beautiful progress photo! It is so elegant looking. :)

Kit said...

It looks wonderful, I really like the subtlety of the colors.

BeckySC said...

Hello there :) Thank you for visiting my blog :) I appreciate it :)

Your WIP is looking just lovely :)