Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Chase Sampler

The sampler I am currently working is "The Chase Sampler".
It was an older sampler, packaged by Paragon. I thought it might be relaxing while I was also working on my rug, to work on a pattern that had been stamped onto the linen.
This pattern is based on one that is at Williamsburg, but was originally from New England.

I completely underestimated how complex this pattern was!
The first section was mostly cross stitch and went along smoothly enough. The second section however was all the fancy stitches which I have really enjoyed, but it has taken much longer than I thought it would!

I had hoped to finish it in 2007, but no way that was going to happen!

I have made good, steady progress on it though. I have finished the first urn and floral scene. That urn took forever. It was all done in a satin stitch and outlined in the outline stitch.

The next bit was the foliage, leaves and fruit on the tree. That took quite a while. Again this was all satin stitch, outlined with the outline stitch. Outlining the leaves in a contrasting color really gives the leaves a dimensional look.

Now, I am working on the trunk of the tree. The stitch used is a long outline stitch, to produce the textured look of bark. Then, the trunk will be outlined. This is pretty slow-going.

Originally the sampler had a very pious inscription on the two lines. So far I have left them blank. I haven't found anything suitable to put in. I think it looks alright blank. I was planning to sign my initials next to one of the urns.

It is just about now in a project when I start to get antsy to finish it! I am forcing myself to finish all projects before I start the next (well atleast the stitching part. All bets are off when it comes to framing, etc.). It doesn't stop me from trying to decide what my next project will be though!


CaroleO said...

Hi Erica,
I am so interested in your progress on the Chase Sampler. It is one I have always wanted to do.
I have a Chase Sampler Kit by Elsa Williams that I purchased on line but was disappointed when I received it because it is totally cross stitch, and the one I wanted had the embroidery stitches like yours, with long and short stitches and french knots, etc. . I haven't begun it because of this. I feel the beauty of this sampler is in the lower portion with the different embroidery stitches. .
Do you know which one is the original Williamsburg sampler, the Paragon or the Elsa Williams kit?

At the present time I am doing a counted cross stitch sampler. I have completed many samplers and also finished 2 room size (9 x 12) braided rugs as well as completed a quilt and several quilted pillows.
Your work on the tree looks great. I will follow your progress.
Carole Ostergren

Erica said...

Hi Carole
The sampler I am working on is by Paragon. It is from 1970, Kit No. S-7142.
I totally agree with you about the specialty stitches. They give it a 3-dimensional quality. I usually like the Elsa Williams kits, but in this case it just looked too flat.

I did some research on the sampler before I started. From what I can tell, the Paragon seems closest to the original.

There is another version out from The Samplar Workes that also has some specialty stitches, however I felt that it looked too "perfect" or too modern.

WOW! Congrats on finishing not one but two room-sized rugs! I am impressed!
How did you do it? Did you work them on the floor?

I will be happy to finish the one I am working on. I am so tempted to go out and buy a rug. Right now I have several scatter rugs down, but it just doesn't look right somehow.

CaroleO said...

Hi Erica,
The first rug 9x12 I finished in about 9 months working on it every day. I would braid one day and then lace it up the next day. It was a banded rug with with so many rows of one combination of colors and then changing to to complementary bands of color.
The 2d rug I did a hit and miss of colors. That rug took me two years to complete because I didn't work on it faithfully. I worked on them right in the room where they were going to be. The first was for the dining room and when it got big enough I put my trestle table on top of it and kept braiding away. The other I finished for the living room.
Be patient and tkeep working on it do a little at a time and before you know it it will be done.

Erica said...

Carole. you are certainly an inspiration to me! I knew there had to be people out there who had completed a room-sized rug, but I never met any of them!
This week I have been putting out one fire after another, problems with plumbing, cats, etc., but hopefully this weekend I can get back to some braiding!

CaroleO said...

Hi again Erica,
I check ebay out once in a while and a few weeks ago a Chase Sampler came up for bid (and it was an Elsa Williams samplerl), anyway, it had the crewel type stitches on the bottom for the pictorial part of the sampler and cross stitch on top. I joined in on the bidding and figured if I won the bid I could sell the one I have.
Well I stopped bidding.and it eventually went for about $130.
Just thought you might beinterested in hearing how much the unworked Chase Sampler went for on ebay.



Erica said...

Hi Carole,
I check ebay occasionally too for the Chase samplers. It can be frustrating trying to get a hold of these samplers! It always seems like they have been going pretty cheap until I am interested and then the prices sky-rocket!
I went through the same thing with the kit I have. I finally got it by doing a search on "Paragon". I found one. It wasn't described very well. It obviously wasn't being sold by someone who knew much about it. I lucked out, but even then there were others on to it!
I guess you just have to be patient (easier said than done, I know)! Eventually there will be a lull and you can scoop it up. What is annoying is when the overseas vendors latch onto an idea. They are buying them for their shops, and they seem to have endless amounts of money! I can't imagine what their poor customers have to pay!

Erica said...

Hi Carole,
I have no way to get it touch with you. It was a no-reply email that I got from you.
I am sure we can work something out. Email me directly at ec graham @ (TAKE OUT ALL THE SPACES).

Lorraine said...

I made this sampler for my son and gave it to him the Christmas that he joined the Marines, 1997. I had been working on it forever and he had always said that he wanted it. It is now framed and sitting under the bed in his guest room in his home because his wife does not like hand work. This is just a warning to those of you who love hand made items, as I do. She is upset because I wrote a dedication to him on the two available lines of the sampler so she cannot sale it at a yard sale for a quarter now. I also paid almost $200 to have it professionally framed. Just make sure that you give it to someone who will appreciate that it takes a good hour to do one square inch.

CaroleO said...

Hi Lorraine,
I cant figure this out but I just received your November 8th message in my email, and of course checking out the Bits of my own Blog there it is.
I havent figured out this blogging yet.

I feel so badly for you. Your daughter in law doesnt sound like a very nice person. Doesnt your son have any say in this. It was his gift from you and it seems to me he should speak up... Hope I have not overstepped here. If your handwork is so unappreciated, you might ask for it back...

Unknown said...
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Glenell said...

I have a kit that looks almost exactly like this one (The Chase), except it is Paragon Kit No. 01137X. I bought it from an online auction, but it has no thread with it. There is a list of colors, but they are Peri-Lusta, which I cannot find. Does your kit have another brand of embroidery floss? If so, do you know the color numbers?

Erica said...

Hi Eric,
Hope you see this. I tried to answer you, but the email link to your blog does not work.
Unfortunately the Peri-Lusta are the only threads included. It is bsck from the days when they didn't list thread descriptions. I wouldn't be too concerned though, you could probbly make some very good choices by using the photo. THis sampler has bright bold colors. They are not subtle changes like some. The other posibility is to check on ebay. Sometimes you can get packages of Peri-Lustra that have many of the same colors in them.

Anonymous said...

six years ago i was given a kit for the chase sampler by the family of a needlewomen who had passed. she had never opened it. i put it away and pretty much forgot about it until may 2010 whe i underwent extensive foot surgery.i decided to try it while i was unable to walk. i have almost finished ane decided to research it. i was shocked at the price of this kit. it is not an easy project, but it is beautiful and free. quite a bit of luck.sandra

saundra said...

i bought this sampler in the 60s and started it. two kids and a life time later, it is sadly, still undone.
love that u are working on it with such glee.

Unknown said...

I completed this sampler in the 1970's and framed it and gave it to my sister 35 years ago for a housewarming present. I hated the motto so I {being a graduated English Major} put in some Shakespeare. "To thine own self be true..." etc. I also made the dog look like our dog at the time, an Irish Setter and I changed up the tree bark. You are right. It took a while.

Unknown said...

I completed The Chase, Paragon Sampler in 1976, it took me a year, in between working as a nurse and changing diapers. I fell in love with one in a frame shop, and the only way to get one was to do the work. Yesterday, I saw a completed one in my neighborhood frame shop. I still love it! The owner of the shop said that several patrons asked to purchase the piece. I was inspired to reframe mine. The “Chase” goes on!