Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Still playing catch-up

Hope all of you have had a very nice and memorable time over the holidays.

For me, it was not so great. My husband and I always enjoy this time of the year, but this year, it was marred by a lot of drama from the in-laws. It was unfortunate. It turned out to be really quite unpleasant, and it left me feeling a bit shaken. It is amazing to me that such mature adults have not yet come to appreciate what really matters in life. Petty squabbling over nothing at all!

Oh well, you can only attempt to control what happens in your own life.

I was working on knitting a sweater right up to the holidays. I thought I could finish before the holidays, but realized it would take much longer. When I started working on some ornaments, there wasn't a lot of time. I did manage to finish a few.

Here are some Mill Hill ornaments that I finished up. The candy cane and the ice skates are done on both sides. The elf and Christmas tree are backed with red and green felt.

Mill Hill Ornaments

I have quite a collection of these tiny beaded ornaments. Next year I am going to set up a small table-top tree to display them, as they seem to get lost on the larger tree.

I am still playing catch-up from my recent blogging hiatus. While searching for the ornaments, I found a few more projects that I finished.

'Feed the Birds' had been in my stash for years. I finally got to it in 2022.

Feed the Birds

Also, earlier this year, I finished 'Bluebird Family' No. 4, from Crossed Wing Collection. Here is the photo.

Bluebird Family - Crossed Wing Collection No. 4

For now, I will be working on my sweater. I hope to finish it up soon. It is a cardigan, and I am currently working on the button and button hole bands, always a tricky part.

I am looking forward to saying good bye to this year, and turning the page to the New Year, always a time for a new start!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!


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Robin in Virginia said...

What beautiful bird pieces you stitched, Erica! The Mill Hill ornaments are darling. I think a table top tree would be fun decked out with them next year. Sorry you had to deal with petty issues at Christmas. Wishing you peaceful and relaxing days as you wrap-up 2023 and a bright and blessed 2024.