Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Pillow

This was not my first pillow!

I have made pillows with piping before, and I have installed many zippers in my time.
I have no idea why all of this went so wrong. It seemed like everything that could go wrong, went wrong!

I finally finished Winter Watch, after what seemed like forever filling in all that gray and then making all the French knot snowflakes!

I decided to turn it into a pillow. I remembered that I had a piece of gray velveteen in the attic that I thought would be perfect for the backing. As it turned out, it wasn't the best match, but it was ok. I wanted to stay away from the Christmas reds, so it would be displayable in January-March.

Well, then my troubles began. My trusty 50+ year old Kenmore was acting up! The tension was all messed up, and the clutch for some reason wouldn't engage. How does this happen when the last time I used it, it was perfectly fine?

Well, after an entire afternoon of fiddling with it, I got it so it would work, not perfectly, but enough to get me through hopefully.

I had a lot of trouble with it. First I made the piping out of the same material, Then I basted it to the canvas, and sewed it on. That went ok. Next step was to put the invisible zipper in. The side of the zipper that went onto the canvas went in ok, but when I tried to sew the other half to the velveteen backing I had a lot of trouble.

 No matter what I did, I couldn't get that pillow to line up! It seemed like the backing had skewed itself, so it was crooked. I don't know how this happened because I basted everything, but it slid around somehow!

After hours of trying to straighten it out, I gave up. This is what it looks like:

I was going to make a pillow liner for it but I didn't, thinking that maybe someday I would go back and revisit it. For now though, I am so frustrated, I can't even look at it!

I guess it is ok if no one turns it over, but people always do, don't they?

I would love to fix this, but I really don't know how I can make it any better. I can feel my blood pressure going up just thinking about this! What a disappointment! Maybe I shouldn't have attempted the zipper with the piping on such a thick fabric as the velveteen. Certainly not my best work! Oh well! Moving on . . .

I knitted a pair of socks for me! This was actually my first finish for the year.

I knitted these using Kroy sock yarn, in Brown Marl. I liked the colors. They seem so cozy.

For a change of pace, I am now stitching Love Heart from Bothy Threads. I love this design. It is so fun and quirky!

This is what I have so far:

I did swop out the aida for 28 ct linen, which I much prefer. In hind sight however, I wish I had chosen 32 count linen instead of the 28ct. I didn't realize how big this design was. I would like to frame this one, but my wall space is somewhat limited

That's all I have for now. I am looking forward to spring as I am sure all of your are. I suspect that winter is not quite done with us though! March is always a tricky one!


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Sorry to hear the pillow gave you a lot of trouble, it does look fine from the front though. Certainly better than anything I could do!
The Bothy Heart is lovely too. Definitely a good idea backstitching as you go, it seems to be the majority of the design! I am finding 28 count very large for most things these days, except over one stitching. For over two then 32 or 36 is my preferred fabric.

Barb said...

So sorry about the pillow,it does look very pretty from the front. I would just live with it for a bit. Maybe it will bother you less. The heart design is lovely.

cucki said...

Oh dear so sorry about the pillow ..but it's looking so lovely from the front
Love your new start
Big hugs x

Margaret said...

Sorry the pillow was so frustrating. I couldn't even imagine trying to make it. Love your socks! Love that Bothy Threads design too. Is it cross stitch??

Susan said...

Sorry the pillow gave you such a fuss, but the back doesn't look that terrible. Do you have an evenfeed foot? They're fussy to work with but I've found they do help with thick, slickish fabric. Love, love, love the socks - I am going to knit a pair someday - honestly, I've collected enough yarn to knit a pair for everyone in my office and their little dogs too! I looked at the Boothy heart - thought it would be cute for my niece's wedding sampler, but found something else.