Monday, March 11, 2013

Progress on Mary Hart, TUSAL, and more

I have made some progress on Mary Hart.

The Mary Hart Sampler - 32 ct linen with AVAS

I just love the bright bold color. I have always been partial to red!

The verse is tiny, tiny, tiny, all one over one. I just started a bit of it to see what it would look like.

I have to bring the border down both sides a bit more before I work on the verse.

It's also time again for the TUSAL!
You can see all the red from Mary.

Furry loves to supervise!

Still no peep from the peeps!

The first batch has one more week to go. This time next week, we will be on peep watch.

I really hope something hatches, or I will be very disappointed!

Unfortunately we are not making much progress with Walter. The hens still peck him mercilessly!
I have heard of this happening with other roosters, but I really though he would be able to handle the hens by now. Walter clearly prefers people and cats to other chickens!

Here he is with Keith.

I don't know what we are going to do with him! He should be old enough to be mixed in with the other chickens, but I guess we have to give him more time.

Enjoy your day everyone!
I'll be back soon!


cucki said...

sweet stitching and lovely orts x

Margaret said...

I love your Mary start!!!! So pretty! I so have to stitch this one someday. lol about Walter! Poor thing. He sounds like a real people person -- love that pic! Good luck with the eggs!

Emma/Itzy said...

Poor Walter! I'm sure once the hormones kick in he will be just fine lol x

Giovanna said...

Lovely start on the sampler!

Barb said...

Such a pretty start! Love the last photo.

Julie said...

Super pic of your jar and your 'guard cat'.

Lovely start on the sampler.

Great pic of Walter!

Mary said...

Lovely new start!

Poor Walter...I guess that's what "henpecked" means!

Susan said...

Very nice progress on Mary Hart. Ummm, someone needs to tell Keith that it's "one pet per pirate - PARROTS preferred!!" 8-)

Karoline said...

Mary Hart is looking lovely, great progress

Anne said...

Your sampler is looking great so far! Can't wait for the chicks to hatch :D