Saturday, July 30, 2011

Another TUSAL and a finish!

Two new moons in one month took me by surprise!
I have been stitching, and here is my TUSAL jar to prove it.

I did finish the Shelburne Sampler. Actually, it has been finished for some time. I gave it a quick tea bath, but it didn't seem to do too much for it. Seems a bit more yellow, not particularly the look I was going for, but here's how it came out.

My new start is "And They Sinned". I have had my eye on this one for a while.

I am stitching it on 40 count lambswool with the suggested GAST threads.

This is what I have so far:
Actually, I am finding stitching on this to be a bit boring. There are many large areas of fill, which can be tough on 40 count. I will keeps going on it though. Maybe I will like it a little more as it takes shape.


Margaret said...

I love your Shelburne Sampler -- so gorgeous!! Great start on ATS too! I hear you on boring. I've sort of abandoned my ATS. I need to get back to it. lol!

Lana said...

Shelbourne Sampler looks great! Congrats on a beautiful finish!! Can't wait to see more on And they Sinned...good luck with all that fill in! Try mixing it up a bit by switching colors every thread length or so...that's what I do!

Nicola said...

Your sampler finish is lovely! You've made a great start on And They Sinned, but I don't envy you stitching on 40ct, the highest I can manage is 36ct.

Karin said...

Love your finished Shelburne Sampler. I have tried to see if I can find it online but no luck. Do you know where I would be able to find this chart? It seems Dutch and as I am being Dutch (moved to the US 3.5 years ago) I would love to stitch it.