Monday, April 13, 2009

Rug Progress

This weekend was absolutely bitter cold with howling winds of 40 mph. We planted two little apple trees and nearly froze to death!

It was a good weekend to stay inside and work on the rug.

Several days ago I finished up row 55.

Row 55

I just now finished up row 56.

Row 56

I cannot believe there is only one more row to go! What was my life like before I was working on this rug? I can barely remember!

The last row is a whopper of a row though, and will take quite a bit of time! I have to make all of the wool rolls which includes dying some wool to match what I have.

Then there is the dreaded 'rat tail', the tapering off at the end. I just hope that goes well, and I hope that it will all lie flat! This is always a big worry because it is impossible to see all of this the way it is folded up.

I guess I will know soon enough!
Wish me luck!


Carmen said...

only two and finish! wow, the rug look so great..

Crunchy Momma said...

The rug looks great!

How is your Christmas cat doing?

All the best!

doris said...

Brrrrrr, sounds so cold there. Poor little trees! Perfect weather for stitching, especially with wool in your lap. I love seeing your rug, which is amazing.

Shelleen said...

woohoo, one more row!

staci said...

One more row left??? That is Fantastic news!!! I know you'll be thrilled to bits when you complete it :)

Brigitte said...

This rug is an amazing project. You will be very content when you'll have finished it.